The Simple Reason Why Women Like Nail Polish

Salons all over the world will never be empty

2 min readFeb 9, 2020


I’ve gone to the same salon to have my nails cleaned every 3 to 4 weeks, for around 5 years or so. The same woman wearing the same crucifix on her neck has trimmed and cleaned my nails and I’ve stayed with her even after they increased the prices of all their services.

I didn’t mind. It was the safety of my cuticles that are at stake here.

Working remotely has given me more time for self-care. And recently I’ve been visiting my salon more often to get my nails painted, to the surprise of everyone.

Ms. Linda (amazing nail artist): You’re getting your nails colored today? Is there an occasion?

Me: Uhh no, I just wanted to try it this time.

She chuckles because my nails are way too short. I chose Vintage Tan.

Maybe I’m subconsciously keeping up with the new-year-new-me until the 2nd month of the year. Am I being more adventurous? Will I dye my hair green next month?

Why do I like the feeling of having my nails colored here anyway? Why do I catch myself staring at them when there’s nothing else to do?

There’s no philosophical or scientific reason that I can present to you. But here’s one thing I am sure of. Women who go to the nail spa or salon goes there for the same reason that I like going there.

Having good-looking nails (hair, skin, face) makes us feel good about ourselves. It makes us look fresh, pretty, and neat. It does not make us happy, but it brings us a certain amount of joy.

Some go for it to be more attractive or to impress. Some want to get with the nail polish trends, or keep things simple using nudes. Others use it to express themselves with amazing nail art.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said ‘Beauty without expression is boring’. Woman, you are never boring.

It makes us more prepared to go out into the world, with a strong breeze messing up our hair and we don’t care. Our nails look pretty and that is enough. It sounds funny and superficial, but if you prefer colored over plain, you absolutely know what I’m talking about.

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