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I tell stories about long-distance relationships, yoga, travel, and living simply.

But picked up in my adult life

In school, we get our first taste of what the world is like outside of our parents’ homes. It’s where we gain a certain level of independence.

We learn discipline from our teachers, friendship from our friends, teamwork through our group projects.

For students, the classroom becomes their world. Here…

‘There’s something special about this. Let’s not hold back.’

This is what he said to me as we were chatting to get to know each other using Whatsapp. A couple of months later, I flew from Manila to Seattle to meet him. We sealed it and we became a couple.

It was easy.

Talking for at least one hour…

Accomplish more with less.

Photo by Jordan Opel on Unsplash

Every output goes through a process. Whether it’s a novel, a painting, a Korean dish, or an article like this.

Every process begins with the small step of starting. Sitting down and picking up a pen, releasing the first brushstroke, slicing carrots, and identifying who you’re writing for.

There are…

I was dumbfounded when I found out about your condition. They said you were having trouble breathing and you needed to be intubated. My doctor friend said that’s painful; I wish I can ask you how that experience was.

Your brother had trouble looking for a hospital for you because…

For now, we enjoy this stage we’re in.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

After years of dating, I finally view settling down as a good thing.

It’s draining to have to introduce yourself to a new person every 3 months. Integrating someone else’s life into yours takes energy and effort. It gets old at some point.

I met someone online who captured my…

It’s impossible to stay connected, but there are a few that stand out.

I have wondered if it’s possible to find a genuine relationship while traveling despite the tight schedules, the constant coming and going, and plane rides that never end.

When away from reality, can one make a sound decision to pursue a proper relationship or not? When on vacation, can one…

I’m guilty of a few of them.

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

‘Is this worth it?’

‘Am I better off dating my neighbor instead?’

‘How long do we have to wait?’

Long-distance relationships are tough to navigate. Yes, we have Zoom, Telegram, Whatsapp and Skype but these online platforms can never make up for physical presence.

I’ve been in one for over…

Just a few weeks ago, I was too weak to even bathe myself.

It was an early morning in July when I visited my OB-Gynecologist. A bump has been growing in my belly for months.

I’m a perfectly healthy 35-year-old working (at home) professional based in Manila.

I’m physically active. Every morning, I go to the market for hot bread, fruits, or vegetables…

I'm happy to be part of the list. Thank you, Illumination, and congrats to all the writers!

Finally, no one is worried about my health anymore.

It’s been almost four weeks since I went through a myomectomy. No one would have expected that I’d be admitted to a hospital for surgery; I’m a perfectly healthy girl.

Since my 20s, I’ve always been active. …


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